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This blog is  a bit late to the game so I’ll write down the status as I remember things now first.  A few months ago I was upset about being turned down for yet another awesome sounding job.  Feeling upset, angry, and determined that there had to be a way out of the soul killing office drama of the corporate welfare state, I turned to youtube for home business ideas.  This isn’t my first foray into ecommerce web sites.  My past attempts at businesses had always failed (I’ll write a post on failed businesses later, along with some musings).

I read The Four Hour Work Week, Entreprenerd, Ca$hvertising, and How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big.  All of this in some sort of effort to discover the keys to success in business.  It turns out the main thing is: You have to sell something, for money.

So I went back to an old idea of mine: open a stationery store.  I looked at more youtube videos, and decided this time would be different.   Instead of getting lost in the details of web hosting, dealing with payment gateways and server issues myself, I would just pay the people at shopify.  So far so good.  Now I need suppliers.  I have a fair bit of experience finding suppliers who aren’t scammy on Alibaba, but I continued too far down the easy path instead.  I decided I was just going to drop ship directly from China.

Some people have had great luck with drop shipping supposedly.  I am not one of those people.  I made my first sale in a week or two (sale actually being a “free plus shipping” offer).  Out of the first 4 sales made, 2 asked for refunds because shipping took so long that they thought the items were lost.  I gave them their refunds and let them keep the items, since I’m not a total dick.

So now I went and ordered a few of each item, keeping it at my house.  I’ve been replacing aliexpress orders of a few pieces for dhl-shipped orders from the suppliers themselves.  I’ll write a post at some point about building supply chain.

The bulk of this blog is notes to myself though.  It will be a series of comments about marketing experiments, lessons learned, and some how-tos when something technical comes up.

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