Bad Experience with Mailchimp

If you’ve spent any time reading e-commerce advice you’ve probably read that the ROI on email marketing is by far the highest of any type of marketing.  Some entrepreneurs entire strategy is to advertise squeeze pages in order to build a list, and the email list drives all profits.

Well the entire purpose of building this business was to learn internet marketing.  Obviously I have to get in on this email thing.

Mailchimp comes up when you read anything about email marketing.  I signed up and they provided a pop up sign up form.  As of this writing I have about 20 email addresses on my list.  I then wrote a quick email.  It had some fun facts about space followed by a clumsy segue to Fountain pen history.

The next morning I was excited to login and see if anyone opened my email.  What I found was I had been suspended for an alleged TOS violation.

An automated system had flagged my email.  I can only think that since my fun fact was the atmospheric pressure on the surface of Venus and my email contains the phrase “this pen is” multiple times that it decided an email about cheap fountain pens must be adult content.

This happened a week ago today.  I now have a solution I will post about but it’s rather complex and deserves a post of it’s own.

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