Getting past the spam filter

So I wrote my first email with Mautic.  The interface is a bit clumsy compared to Mailchimp, but it’s useable and better than I would do if I had built it.  So I test sent it to myself and it went straight to the spam folder.  I googled a bit and found the following resource very useful:

This site will give you information about why your email is being marked as spam.  The major thing is authentication.  Go to this site, then send a test email to the address it asks for, then you will see “your not fully authenticated” as one of the reasons.  Authentication happens through DKIM and SPF entries in your DNS settings.  I still haven’t set up DKIM but SPF was quick and easy.  Click on the plus sign next to “You’re not fully authenticated”  You will see an entry [SPF] Your server {ip address} is not authorized to use {your email address}.  It will have an entry for SPF record to enter.  You will now need your opensrs login.  You needed this to set up email for your shopify domain before.  If you never did that you should look into that anyway.  Getting the opensrs login requires emailing support.  They will get back to you quickly with some links describing how to set up email, and a reset password link for opensrs.

Login to opensrs, then click “Name Servers/DNS” at the top nav bar.  Click “Modify DNS Zone”.

If you didn’t know this already this is also where you would define a subdomain and point it at your linode.

Now under TXT records, paste the text from into the field labeled “Text”.  Leave the Subdomain blank.  Click “Add Record” then click  “save dns zone”.  In my case this was all it took to get through the spam filters.

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