More Mautic Experiments Planned

OK so I have a few updates.  First of all I made some changes to the virtual hosts file on my server to allow for additional domains.  I’ll put up a link to a how to on that.  The important thing if you are using it for mautic is to edit the .htaccess file in your new webroot for your virtual host.  I had problems because it was not redirecting correctly.  It’s a one line fix, check your htaccess and see if there is a line still pointing to the wrong directory.

Secondly, I did this for a couple things, now I have a subdomain of my shopify domain that points to mautic on my server.   That means that I will be able to link to mautic landing pages and it will not appear to be leaving the domain of the site.  That’s good because redirects to offsite look fishy.

Thirdly, I installed a second instance of mautic, and linked it to this site.  That way I will be able to use this site as a sand box for things like popup forms, pages, etc, before going live on the real ecommerce site.

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