I promised musings so here are some musings

On advice from people:  Don’t talk to friends and family about trying to start your business too much.  If you do make sure you are talking to the right ones who will be encouraging but realistic.  Red flags are people who routinely say things like “oh yeah I should do that that would be so easy”, or “that can’t be so simple there must be a trick”.  These statements seem like opposites, but they are actually the same thing.  The person is rationalizing why you are wrong to be even trying, and they were right to settle for wage slavery while their telomeres inexorably shorten leading them closer to the abyss.

In the first case they are just so gosh dern busy but if they only tried they know they would be way good at it with no effort at all!  This person needs to think they are more capable, and also more successful in other areas of life than you. They are so busy! They have a great social life and friends and family that’s why they don’t have time for all that stuff you do! It’s not laziness, no sirree bob, you are the loser.  They will subtly discourage you, latch on to any failures as justification for not trying.

In the second case the person thinks there is some trick, some formula only an elite class have access too. Perhaps something that one can purchase from a business school (you can’t by the way, MBAs are for Corporate America, not kitchen table startups).  That is their justification for remaining subservient to their masters.  This person will encourage you to follow the status quo of office politics and die of a heart attack shortly after finally getting the big promotion to middle management.  Your wife and child will get a letter from your boss about how much they appreciate all the hard work and that you gave your life to increase diversynergy on the deep dive team of six sigmafied agile belts.  They will also get 1.5 years of income as a life insurance payout, and receive a bill from the emergency room for 3x that amount.

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