Starting with Bing Ads

So I signed up for bing ads.  I think I’ll give a quick opinion.  The basic interface is essentially a straight up knockoff of adwords.  That’s convenient, since it makes moving campaigns between the two easy, and eliminates the learning curve.  It offers an option to import your campaign directly from your adwords account as well.  That’s convenient.

Now the negatives:  The payment interface is lame, it recognized my credit card wrong (entered as mastercard, kept showing up as AmEx) and I wasn’t sure if it was working.  It turned out it’s just a bug in the system and wasn’t affecting my payments but still.  After importing the campaign the ads kept showing up as “your account or campaign is paused”, but it turns out they were just not showing yet.  Other platforms generally say something like “pending review” so you know you just have to be patient.  This combined with the payment thing made me think something was wrong with my account.

And more positives: Click through rates and CPC are slightly better at least for my ads.  I was getting terrible click through rates on adwords, in some cases around .1%.  Yes I could tweek and tweek and optimize and get those up.  But they went up to about .5% for the same ads and keywords on bing.  I have to assume it was better placement due to less competition.  I don’t care where my traffic comes from, and I have no love for google so this is fine by me.

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