403 Woes

I mentioned yesterday that I was intending on making a landing page and then using grow traffic to direct traffic there.  I suspect this is going to be a pointless waste of money, since I read rather abysmal reviews.  But – right now spending about 30 dollars on google ads only netted me 9 subscribers  That’s like 3.50 per email subscribtion, so I don’t need a high conversion rate to improve on that.

Anyway, I cloned a landing page in mautic and was about to get going with this experiment.  And I noticed my form was giving 403 forbidden instead of redirecting to my shopping cart.  I still haven’t really figured out why.  For now the work around was simply to clone the form too.  But I will need to play with this and see if I can duplicate the error reliably.  Preferably with pages I’m not using.

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