Growtraffic Results

Unfortunately, grow traffic proved out like I suspected.  It is not, at least not obviously, a scam.  It is, however, useless for most purposes.

I purchased 10k visits over 10 days for 28 dollars.  These were directed to a landing page that offers a discount code in exchange for an email signup.  My results ended up being:

  • 4756 hits to my landing page (not sure why it didn’t register 10,000 but whatever
  • 0 email addresses received

Based on that confidence interval calculator I posted a few weeks ago that puts the conversion rate between 0 and 0.1%.  A very similar landing page linked to google ads got 12 out of 100 visitors to give their emails, which gives us 6.6-19.1% conversion.

Conclusion: don’t waste your money.  So far facebook ads work the best, but are also the most difficult to do right.

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