Sales Funnels and eCommerce Evolved

My reading list expanded a little. I got the book “eCommerce Evolved”.  I would recommend it.  It had a great deal of information, and more importantly it wasn’t the same information as other places.  At least some of it wasn’t.  It had hard numbers of good and bad operating margins, conversion rates, etc.  It also had concrete advice of what to automate and how to handle email drip campaigns.  Perhaps most importantly it has step by step market research advice.  It’s by no means perfect but it’s the closest thing to a detailed HOWTO I’ve found yet.

The book suggested reading it cover to cover once, then mulling over the info for a few days, and coming back to it.  When coming back, pick a portion of the book to try to implement in your business, and start there.  I’ve done the first part of that.  I decided, since I have reasonable traffic costs now, to implement the product funnels first.  The book suggests that a physical product funnel will convert several times better than simply pointing an ad to your product page.  In fact it says you should not spend ANY advertising money directing cold traffic to your shopping cart.  That doesn’t include email marketing or retargeting campaigns, those are still OK.

The interesting thing about this is I had been attempting to do similar things with landing pages already, but I wasn’t having much luck.  A proper sales funnel I had not built though.  The reason is mainly the difficulty of it.  I have tried to find a good way to do it with shopify, and the only plugin I found was 99 dollars a month.  That seemed a bit hefty to me for an experiment.  My entire facebook ads budget right now is about 300 a month.

I have two options essentially: Create a chain of static pages that direct to a prefilled shopify cart at the end (easy), or create a chain of pages and use the Stripe API to handle payments.

The book I read was pretty adamant about taking payment first then trying to do upsells and cross-sells, and the data tracking will be a lot easier if everything including the checkout is under my control.  This way I can tag things to be tracked in Mautic (somehow? don’t know how) and use that as triggers for things – customer email list or prospect email list.

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