Free Templates

The sales funnel project has several challenges:

  • HTML design of the pages (???):  Unfortunately, clickfunnels promotes so aggressively even finding templates for self hosting is difficult.  I am looking at adapting landing page templates now.
  • Payment processing, inventory, etc. (Stripe API + some custom PHP)
  • Conversion tracking (Mautic)

Payment processing is going to be a bit tricksy but it looks like it’s going to be doable.  Unfortunately I will need to have a separate stripe account for it, which means that I won’t be able to track inventory with shopify.  This is rather unfortunate, but not that big a deal (I have enough inventory.  For now I can just allocate half to each platform and make corrections when sales happen. At some point in the future I can make a shopify plugin that runs on my host that keeps things in sync).

Conversion tracking will happen more or less automatically as long as all the pages are setup as mautic landing pages, and there is a thank you/confirmation landing page after purchase.

HTML templates, as I said are  a big problem, largely due to clickfunnels messing up the signal to noise ratio on this.  I’m going to try to adapt landing pages from

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