Exit Intent Forms

Exit intent forms are those annoying popups that come up when you try to leave a page.  I’m familiar with two types:  The kind where you try to close the tab and it opens a bunch of message boxes saying “OMG YOU HAVE SO MUCH VIRUS TEH RUSSIANZ GUNNA PWN U BRUH!”  (or something to that effect), and the ones that ask for your email address to send a coupon code to as soon as your mouse leaves the viewport.

The second type is all the rage right now.  Email address lists are very valuable: a targeted but not very well used or active list is worth $0.20 cents per entry according to that book).  The value of a customer who leaves your landing page leaving no information and doesn’t purchase is close to zero.  It’s not zero, because you may still have retargeting information gathered through tracking pixels, but it’s way lower than the value of an email address.

So how do I do one?  Well much like the funnels people will try to sell you a lot of services.  I don’t want to spend money on these services, since I would like to spend that money on advertising instead.  My helpful link of the day: http://beeker.io/exit-intent-popup-script-tutorial.  This is a quick java script snippet you can use for your own landing pages.

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