Funnel Progress

Funnel progress has been slow.  We had an awful lot to do in the last few days and I didn’t get to it much.  Broadly speaking here are the steps:

  1. Design the landing pages – done
  2. Create a Stripe account to do charges – done
  3.  Figure out how to pass payment information from the form: -done
  4. Figure out how to decrement inventory (will require a database of sales and purchases, this may end up being done through stripe’s orders API
  5.  Add tracking tags and scripts
  6. Go live with the whole shebang!

This required brushing up on PHP and javascript a little unfortunately.  The checkout process works as follows:

  1. Create a checkout form using custom checkout:
  2. Put the values in a hidden form and then post said form to a php script using jquery
  3. php code then will display the next step in the funnel, repeat 2
  4. one of the values is  a “token” that represents the card, the last php script will create the charge, and decrement the appropriate inventories

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