Funnel Flow

Landing page: present tripwire product.  Button triggers stripe custom checkout popup.  On form return function(token, args) is called (javascript).  This sets variables in a hidden form (form contains only elements of type “hidden”).  The form’s action is set to a php page that will contain the order bump.  This is submitted once the values (charge token, address, products purchased) are set.

Order Bump:  This page presents the order bump.  It must be php though, because it’s receiving the information from the first page and doing something with it.  This presents 2 options buy or don’t buy.

Buy -> hidden form is updated with one more item, then javascript forwards to upsell php page.  This requires the posted values to move into javascript variables.  To move a php variable in to a javascript variable the syntax is something like:

<?php echo $variable3 ?>

Don’t buy: current form values are sent to receipt.php

Upsell: Buy or don’t buy again, only this time either way goes to receipt

Receipt: This page needs to process the order in stripe, charge the card, send a thankyou email to the customer, and then send a notification email to me that an order needs to be shipped.

So far I have the landing page done, order bump almost done.

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