The next attempt

Sales funnels reborn.  My theory is that the cost of customer acquisition does not depend all that much on the sales price.  In order to make money I need to have a product that has I large enough profit per sale to be able to at least break even on customer acquisition (primarily advertising) cost.

After contemplating this for some time I came up with custom branded headphone amplifiers.  Many people prefer the sound of tubes, almost everyone thinks tube amplifiers look cool.  Buying them in bulk from a manufacturer in china these can be had at a reasonable price, allowing for 40 or 50 dollars of profit per sale.  Subtract from that 30 or so for advertising and I will still be making good money.

Plan is as follows:

  1. Get a logo from fiverr (done)
  2. Get a domain name (done)
  3. Get a landing page template from fiverr (ordered)
  4. Set up the landing page
  5. Set up a facebook page
  6. Advertise on facebook to audiophiles, engineers, and electronics enthusiasts

If any sales occur I will immediately order the amplifiers from china by DHL, and ship them as soon as possible to the customers.  After this initial just in time market test (assuming success) I will keep 1 months worth in stock.  The first set will be generic without branding, but after the market test I will get my logo laser etched into the product.

The time line for all this is a few weeks, so if this works I’ll be able to spawn a new business in less than a month.

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