Lessons learned

The failure of the first tube amp landing page isn’t a great lesson for me unfortunately.  Other than that it utterly failed I didn’t manage to get much information about why it failed.  The following are the data I have:

  1. I only received one facebook comment, it was that the page contained no technical specs and not enough photos.
  2. I received several likes
  3. I had a very high bounce rate (95%), but later found out that google analytics can not properly measure this for a single page site.
  4. My past sales funnel attempt had a 1.5% conversion rate

My working theories are:

  1. Technical specs and photos are important to this market.  It’s near christmas, I thought I would be receiving clicks from people who didn’t know much about this and simply would think a tube amp would make a nice gift for their husband, son, daughter, etc. This matched what I thought I knew based on members of my target market in real life.
  2. Site not trustworthy- the logo and banner aren’t at the top, and there is no link to a larger site with more stuff.  This makes people think it’s not a “real” business (people seem very concerned about businesses being “real” but I don’t know what they think that means)
  3. Targeting is hard


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