Small successes?

Starting around 11pm the day before yesterday I made some minor changes to the copy on my landing pages. I’m going to say this experiment started on 11/15/17 and use those stats.  The traffic is split 50/50 between a version of my first landing page, and the newer one.  So far 12.50 spent for 71 clicks, with one sale of the more expensive pen set.  Unfortunately I don’t think the changes I made are responsible for this.  If I look at all the data I spent about 48.19 and generated 35 in sales.  The cost of shipping and materials subtracted only 24 dollars generated.  That’s still a -100% ROI.  I made one more change last night, instead of saying “A Complete Set” I said “Buy  a Complete Set” as a headline on the landing page. This was based on the statement in a book by Scott Adams that when selling you should always directly state what you want at least once.

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